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The recent surge in fuel prices has brought a renewed interest in effective and proven measures to reduce fuel consumption. The fuel additive Envirox™ is one such measure as Energenics, who purchased the business from nanotechnology pioneer Oxonica in 2009, reports an upsurge in interest.

Stagecoach UK Bus, now in their seventh continuous year of usage since adopting it nationwide in 2005, demonstrated its importance in the fight against rising fuel costs by introducing it without delay last year to their newly acquired London operation – the former East London Bus Group. This follows the introduction to their Coach Canada operation earlier in 2010. Both the London and Canadian bus depots have been fitted with the latest type of dosing units which inject Envirox™ automatically into the diesel fuel on delivery from the road tanker in the correct ratio. This means reliable and accurate dosing is achieved without the requirement for depot staff to be in attendance, a practical and convenient solution.

Other UK bus companies including major, medium sized and small operators have begun to purchase Envirox™ for confirmatory trials or early stage usage. As well as helping to combat the present high diesel fuel prices, these customers are also thinking ahead to April 2012 when the reduction in BSOG by 20% will increase the net fuel price by approximately 8p/litre.

Smaller coach operators and private motorists have been purchasing Envirox™ Driver Pack, a convenient 500 ml bottled version for individuals to dose their vehicles manually. This can be bought online at and strongly positive feedback has been received.

Mike Meekings, Transport Manager at Luxury Travel of Kidderminster commented,

“We have used Envirox for over two years in our minibuses - mostly on airport work and school contracts, and can quite easily observe a fuel consumption drop of at least 5 to 15 %. It has to be used regularly. We also get a better starting on cold mornings, and our County Council is all in favour of its Green Footprint. The drop works out to approx £300 to £500 a year which is the road tax paid for. It certainly does what it says on the tin.”

Whilst saving money at a difficult time, Envirox™ customers are also making a significant environmental contribution through reductions in both CO2 and particulate emissions.