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Welcome to Energenics

Energenics has a successful track record in the discovery and commercialisation of novel speciality chemical additives, specialising in cerium oxide nanoparticle dispersions.

We produce Envirox™, a fuel borne catalyst for diesel fuel. This is used in applications including fuel saving and regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

CerPlus® is our range of novel UV Absorber additives which have the distinguishing feature that the additive is not consumed by the act of absorbing light so it can greatly extend coating lifetime.

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What is Envirox™?

Envirox™ is a fuel borne catalyst based on nanotechnology. It is scientifically and commercially proven to save fuel costs, by reducing fuel consumption, with a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and other harmful exhaust emissions.

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What is CerPlus®?

CerPlus® is a range of additives for coatings. It uses novel nanoparticle dispersions to extend the the lifetime of coatings through enhanced solar protection, without impacting on appearance.

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As a business centred on commercialising nano dispersions of cerium oxide in various applications including catalysis for over 15 years, we’re delighted you chose this subject for a webinar. Looking forward to it. @BegbrokeScience twitter.com/SCIupdate/stat…

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Over the period of work indicated with the use of the fuel conditioner ENVIROX 2E, the following results have been achieved: Reduction in consumption of modified diesel fuel - 7%; Reduction in exhaust opacity (smoking of exhaust) - 29% - 64%. Continue reading

N.A. Ivashov
Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company

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