About us

Energenics is a successful, well established SME dedicated to innovation. Originally a nanotechnology spin out from Oxford University and located on the University’s Begbroke Science Park, Begbroke Science Parkwe have a successful track record in the discovery and commercialisation of novel speciality chemical additives, specialising in cerium oxide nanoparticle dispersions. Cerium oxide is both an oxidation catalyst and a UV absorber and our products are based on these key properties. Although an SME, we employ technical and commercial specialists with many years of experience in the global speciality chemicals industry and we aim to match the levels of professionalism, product quality and customer service of our larger counterparts.

Energenics produces Envirox™, a fuel borne catalyst for diesel fuel. Stagecoach UK Bus has used Envirox™ nationally since 2005 to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. More recently Envirox™ has achieved a strong market position as a performance component in aftermarket fuel additives for regenerating Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

Since 2010 Energenics scientists have been developing a new range of UV Absorber additives drawing upon the results of several grant-funded research collaborations; including WOODLIFE (EU FP7 project) and SENCoat (Innovate UK project) as well as our own on-going R&D programme. In 2015 our CerPlus® range of novel UV Absorbers were launched into the coatings market with the distinguishing feature that the additive is not consumed by the act of absorbing light so it can greatly extend coating lifetime.

Energenics Europe Ltd is a privately held, UK registered company.