Wood Treatment

CerPlus Smart treatment to Protect Wood Colour

Provides long-lasting protection against colour change or fading caused by UV degradation.

Makes wood surface water repellent which inhibits the biological growth (black mould, fungi) that arises from water ingress.

Deepens and enriches the natural brown colour of some woods.

CerPlus® P101 is an innovative (patent applied) Smart Treatment for wood. It maintains the natural appearance and condition of new or restored exterior wood by combining long-lasting protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light with a water repellent effect. The UV protection works to resist the fading and damage caused by exposure to sunlight. Meanwhile, the water repellency limits the absorbance of rainwater; inhibiting the biological growth, such as black mould, dependant on it. In addition, the natural brown colour of some woods (more durable types) is actually enhanced; becoming deeper and richer in appearance.

12 month exposure test - CerPlus - Bin Enclosure

Natural Wood Colour

Natural wood is often used in outdoor applications such as cladding and garden furniture due to its durability, environmentally-friendly image and visual appeal. However, this appeal can be marred by a tendency to undergo a rapid change in appearance through ageing and weathering processes.

Often occurring within a year of installation, wood changes from its natural colour to a grey/silver appearance considered by many to be less attractive. Energenics’ CerPlus® technology offers an opportunity to preserve the appearance and reduce maintenance of exterior wood.

CerPlus® P101 uses nanoparticles of a highly effective UV absorber, cerium oxide. The small particles penetrate deep into the wood surface to provide long-lasting protection.

The attractive natural colour of wood is not only maintained, but in some cases enhanced. CerPlus® P101 contains no pigment but nanoparticles bond to reactive sites on the wood surface producing a richer, deeper brown colour in some types of wood.

Water Repellency

The CerPlus® P101 nanoparticles bond to reactive sites on surface wood molecules and block them from attack by water. This causes the wood surface to becomes hydrophobic. Ingress of water is greatly reduced, e.g. in wood exposed to rain. As a result, biological growth dependant on water is inhibited (black mould, fungi, etc.)

Radiata Pine strips with and without CerPlus 12 week weathering
Experimental results with Radiata Pine strips exposed to 12 weeks outdoor weathering show just 0.05% black mould coverage on wood treated with CerPlus® P101 (top) compared with 1.93% black mould on the untreated control (bottom).

Water-Based & Easy to Apply

CerPlus® P101 is a transparent, non-pigmented, water-based treatment. It is non-hazardous and contains minimal VOCs.

Easy to apply through brushing, spraying, dipping or roller coating directly onto the dry surface of new or restored wood.

Once dry, the surface can be overcoated with traditional commercial wood coatings or varnishes.