Envirox™ FAQs

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Q. What are the benefits of using Envirox™?

A. Envirox™ improves fuel consumption, reduces harmful emissions and removes engine deposits, thus allowing improved combustion.

Q. What is the dose rate?

A. 1 L Envirox™ to 4000 L of diesel fuel.

Q. How will this affect my engine warranty?

A. Vehicle manufacturers require that only fuel meeting EN 590 should be used in their vehicles and that warranties may be invalidated if this instruction is not followed. The addition of Envirox™ has no effect upon the specification of diesel fuel which continues to meet the requirements of EN 590 with Envirox™ added.

Q. What if this comes into contact with skin?

A. Envirox™ is no more harmful than diesel fuel. Any contact with skin should be treated as for diesel fuel, i.e. washing affected area with soap and water.

Q. How should I store Envirox™?

A. Bottles of Envirox™ should be stored out of direct sunlight.

Q. Who else uses Envirox™?

A. Envirox™ is used extensively in the UK bus industry.