Envirox™ Fuel Saving Additive

Reducing diesel fuel costs with Envirox™ fuel additive:

  • Envirox™ saves fuel and therefore reduces fuel costs.
  • Envirox™ catalytically removes engine deposits.
  • Envirox™ reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

Envirox™ fuel borne catalyst is a scientifically and commercially proven diesel fuel additive which lowers fuel costs, by reducing fuel consumption, and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and other harmful exhaust emissions.

These benefits are achieved by using a catalyst technology based on cerium oxide, a well-known industrial catalyst, which is already used within the automotive sector in three-way catalytic converters for gasoline fuel engines.

Envirox™ is delivered into the combustion chamber pre-mixed with the diesel fuel and delivers benefits in the following ways:

  • Envirox™ changes the way fuel burns so that it delivers more useful work with every piston stroke, translating into improved fuel economy.
  • Envirox™ helps burn away waste deposit from the inside of your engine, a cleaner engine is a more fuel efficient engine.
  • Envirox™ delivers environmental benefits by reducing waste products released by automotives, including CO2, unburned hydrocarbon and particulates.

No engine modifications are required to use the product, it has no negative impact on lubricant performance, and the dose rate of additive is extremely low at just 5-10 parts per million of cerium oxide in the fuel.

The product has been tested extensively, both in large scale field trials and in accredited laboratory engine tests.

4 – 11% fuel economy benefits have been demonstrated in independently assessed field trials under commercial operating conditions.

Envirox™ fuel borne catalyst has been formulated so that it readily blends with diesel fuel, ideally Envirox™ is blended into bulk diesel fuel storage for ease of use.

The material is classified as non-hazardous for road transport and requires the same handling precautions as standard diesel fuel.