Envirox™ DPF Assist Technology

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Envirox™ DPF Assist is a Fuel Treatment for regenerating Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs). It is a further development of the well known fuel saving additive Envirox™ which is based on cerium oxide, a common industrial oxidation catalyst widely used in catalytic converters. It would not normally be compatible with diesel fuel but using nanotechnology it has been reengineered into a liquid form which mixes in easily.

Innovative yet Proven Technology

Envirox™ has had a high profile in the UK bus industry since Stagecoach adopted it nationally in 2005, followed more recently by Abellio and others. At regular dose levels Envirox™ delivers fuel savings of 4 to 11% but at higher dose levels it will also perform as an effective Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) in assisting the regeneration of DPFs. It works by:

  • Decreasing the level of soot particles produced during combustion by up to 18%.
  • Significantly lowering the temperature the exhaust gases need to reach to burn off the trapped soot particles in the DPF. A simple laboratory experiment using a technique called Thermo Gravimetric Analysis demonstrates this – see graph
Soot burns at lower temperature due to Envirox

Challenges of urban DPF operation

Operating problems with DPFs related to premature blocking continue to be reported in industry circles and the media (for example the BBC Watchdog report ‘Is your diesel filter out of kilter?’), particularly in urban areas where slow traffic speeds mean the exhaust gases do not reach the necessary temperature for long enough to regenerate the filter. This can cause a gradual block up with soot, leading to poor running of the vehicle. In some cases a dashboard warning lamp will illuminate requiring immediate action which could include an expensive workshop visit and vehicle downtime. DPF Warning LightEven in the absence of actual blocking problems, fuel economy tends to worsen because the engine has to work against the back pressure caused by soot build up in the exhaust system.

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