News Release: Showcase Trial of New Smart Wood Treatment Exceeds Expectations at the 3 Year Anniversary

Energenics is celebrating the 3 Year Anniversary of a long-term durability performance trial for its new smart treatment for exterior wood: CerPlus® P101. In Spring 2019 a new timber enclosure was constructed to screen the wheelie bins at Begbroke Science Park opposite Energenics’ laboratories. Having just developed the innovative wood treatment (which has strong environmental credentials, being water based, non-hazardous and containing no biocides) the new bin enclosure provided a perfect opportunity right on the doorstep for a long-term weathering trial under real world conditions.

Bin Enclosure Before Treatment

On 23rd May 2019 the right-hand half of each external length of timber was treated by brush whilst the left-hand half was left untreated for comparison. The product name CERPLUS was also brushed on two internal lengths. Since then, the bin enclosure has been left to weather naturally and observations regularly undertaken. As expected, the appearance of untreated timber rapidly changed from its natural brown colour to a weathered deep grey, the effect visible within the first 6 months. After 3 Years there is a remarkable contrast with all treated areas still showing the attractive natural brown colour of new wood.

Energenics’ CEO Mike Attfield commented: ‘This result has exceeded our initial expectations of what CerPlus® P101 could achieve. In this sector there’s no substitute for real-world weathering trials and this level of performance 3 years on, together with the environmental credentials, is gaining the attention of the timber and wood coatings industries. I am confident this is something owners of outdoor wood products have been waiting for’.
To celebrate the 3 Year anniversary of the trial, Energenics invited the Oxford University Begbroke Science Park community for afternoon tea on the lawn by the bin enclosure, with the wheelie bins relocated elsewhere for the occasion.

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