“Your product has been an unqualified success in my car! Fuel consumption remains lower... the car is able to accept 7th gear at 30 mph on a level road, which it wouldn't do before... Continue reading →…” Read more »

Envirox DPF Assist Customer
Private Motorist

“We have followed Stagecoach's lead and have started using Envirox™ in our fuel to reduce fuel consumption and so far we are attaining a 4% saving in fuel across our fleet which we hope to improve to 5% in the coming months. Continue reading →…” Read more »

John Henderson, Owner
Henderson Travel, Hamilton, Scotland

“Our vehicles have driven more than 700 million miles on Envirox™, and to achieve a consistent result across a diverse fleet over 3 years testifies to the robustness of the technology. Continue reading →…” Read more »

Adrian Havlin
Group Technical Engineer, Stagecoach

“We testify with pleasure that we use your products (EPPTM/Envirox™) since 15th of December 2006...Since this date we recognised that our vehicles (built 2000 and later) save more than 5 to 8% Diesel fuel. Continue reading →…” Read more »

Herr Albrecht
Niederzier Public Works fleet

“Over the period of work indicated with the use of the fuel conditioner ENVIROX 2E, the following results have been achieved: Reduction in consumption of modified diesel fuel - 7%; Reduction in exhaust opacity (smoking of exhaust) - 29% - 64%. Continue reading →…” Read more »

N.A. Ivashov
Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company

“I am pleased to confirm that our bus company has been using your products (EPP/Envirox) since the beginning of the year in order to reduce diesel fuel consumption. Continue reading →…” Read more »

Robert Collas
Lovenich Reisen

“Further to testing out 18 LIAZ, MAN, Renault and AVIA fleet vehicles between October 2006 and February 2007, we hereby certify that a demonstrable saving of 7.28% on consumption was achieved. Continue reading →…” Read more »

Zdenek Sladky
Frydecka Skladka

“We have used Envirox for over two years in our minibuses... and can quite easily observe a fuel consumption drop of at least 5 to 15 %... We also get a better starting on cold mornings, and our County Council is all in favour of its Green Footprint. The drop works out to approx £300 to £500 a year which is the road tax paid for. It certainly does what it says on the tin. Continue reading →…” Read more »

Mike Meekings
Transport Manager, Luxury Travel of Kidderminster