Your product has been an unqualified success in my car! Fuel consumption remains lower that without using the additive, which presumably is as a result of less back pressure in the twin DPF’s on my Merc GL 420 CDI V8, and shorter duration regeneration cycles. Engine is smoother, and power seems better…

…the car is able to accept 7th gear at 30 mph on a level road, which it wouldn’t do before, presumably because of higher back pressures in the DPF’s due to increased soot contamination.

DPF regeneration cycles in my Merc seem to be triggered by a combination of mileage/time/driving cycle/back pressure. Using the DPF assist the regeneration cycle is usually completed within 2-3 minutes on average. Before using the product regeneration took up to 10 minutes, sometimes longer.

Envirox DPF Assist Customer
Private Motorist

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