"We have conducted a three month trial from October - December, 2009 of Diesel Additive "Envirox" (Eco-Neev), a product of Nanotech Solutions (a unit of Nand ipl) on the excavators of West Bokaro Collieries. I am please[d] to inform that the trial was very successful and the following were the observations.

1. Relative fuel economy improvement on the excavators showed an improvement of 7.2% (approx.).
2. Huge improvement was also observed in particulate emission (67% reduction), carbon monoxide (50% reduction and carbon dioxide (50% reduction).

Based on the above result Tata Steel West Bokaro Collieries is planning usage of said product on larger scale on its diesel operatives HEMMs.

Head (Maintenance) - QAB Open Cast Mine
Tata Steel

Further to testing carried out on 18 LIAZ, MAN, Renault and AVIA fleet vehicles between October 2006 and February 2007, we hereby certify that a demonstrable saving of 7.28% on consumption was achieved against comparable periods in the previous two years. This figure was obtained after discounting the effect of increased wintertime consumption. The additive used was the nanotechnology product Envirox™ supplied by yourselves, in a dosing ratio of 1:4,000.

No measurement of reduced exhaust emissions was performed as part of this testing.

We wish you further commercial success with the additive Envirox™.

Zdenek Sladky
Frydecka Skladka

I am pleased to confirm that our bus company has been using your products (EPP/Envirox) since the beginning of the year in order to reduce diesel fuel consumption.

Despite initial problems with the EPP product, where we observed no reduction in consumption, since changing to Envirox, we have achieved savings of over 6%.

I am very satisfied with the results and am happy to act as a referee on telephone number +49 2428 1516.

I wish you and your products continuing success.

Robert Collas
Lovenich Reisen

Report on the use of the diesel fuel additive ENVIROX 2E, produced by the company OXONICA ENERGY LTD (United Kingdom), in the opencast coal mines (strip mines) of the Limited Joint Stock Company “Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol””, as carried out by the official distributor of the company OXONICA ENERGY LTD - “Oksonika TGK”.

The diesel fuel additive ENVIROX 2E, produced by the company OXONICA ENERGY LTD (United Kingdom) has been used since May 2008 at the following large-scale open cast coal mines of the Limited Joint Stock Company “Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol””: Vakhrushchevsky, Bachatsky, Taldinsky, Kedrovsky and Krasnobrodsky. Work commenced with the conduct of test-bench trials, and at the present time all machinery at the above named mines, namely: 350 BelAZ trucks powered by Cummins and MTU engines, more than 100 bulldozers, drilling machines, diesel locomotives, and other auxiliary machinery have been switched to the use in permanent industrial conditions of the above named additive. Over the period of work indicated with the use of the fuel conditioner ENVIROX 2E, the following results have been achieved:

Reduction in consumption of modified diesel fuel - 7%
Reduction in exhaust opacity (smoking of exhaust) - 29% - 64%

During the period of use of the diesel fuel additive ENVIROX 2E no breakdowns or damage to engines have been observed in the vehicles and machinery used in the trials resulting from the use of the additive.

Deputy Head of Mining Production (signed) N.A. Ivashov

N.A. Ivashov
Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company

We testify with pleasure that we use your products (EPPTM/Envirox™) since 15th of December 2006 in our vehicles of the construction yard to achieve a Diesel fuel consumption reduction.

Since this date we recognised that our vehicles (built 2000 and later) save more than 5 to 8% Diesel fuel.

We're very satisfied with this result and our manager Herr Albrecht is happy to provide a verbal reference on +49-2428-2468.

We wish you and your product good success.

Herr Albrecht
Niederzier Public Works fleet

Stagecoach is in the front line of tackling climate change through a range of initiatives, from biofuels and cleaner engines to the introduction of modern environmental management systems. The use of Envirox™ is part of our package of innovative solutions to build a more environmentally sustainable business and encourage greener travel.

Our vehicles have driven more than 700 million miles on Envirox™, and to achieve a consistent result across a diverse fleet over 3 years testifies to the robustness of the technology. We are particularly pleased with the performance of the product both in ultra low sulphur diesel and in blends containing biodiesel, which are now in widespread use across our fleet.

Adrian Havlin - Stagecoach Group Technical Engineer

Your product has been an unqualified success in my car! Fuel consumption remains lower that without using the additive, which presumably is as a result of less back pressure in the twin DPF's on my Merc GL 420 CDI V8, and shorter duration regeneration cycles. Engine is smoother, and power seems better…
…the car is able to accept 7th gear at 30 mph on a level road, which it wouldn't do before, presumably because of higher back pressures in the DPF's due to increased soot contamination.
DPF regeneration cycles in my Merc seem to be triggered by a combination of mileage/time/driving cycle/back pressure. Using the DPF assist the regeneration cycle is usually completed within 2-3 minutes on average. Before using the product regeneration took up to 10 minutes, sometimes longer.

Envirox DPF Assist Customer
Private Motorist

We have used Envirox for over two years in our minibuses - mostly on airport work and school contracts, and can quite easily observe a fuel consumption drop of at least 5 to 15 %. It has to be used regularly. We also get a better starting on cold mornings, and our County Council is all in favour of its Green Footprint. The drop works out to approx £300 to £500 a year which is the road tax paid for. It certainly does what it says on the tin.

Mike Meekings
Transport Manager, Luxury Travel of Kidderminster